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Adorable Dollar Tree Easter Egg Wreath

photo of a sign that reads "happy easter"

If you’re like me and walked past this Dollar Tree egg wreath form a bunch of times, never fear! Pick it up while you still can because there are easy DIYs you can make such as this “Happy Easter” wreath.

photo of a black egg-shaped wireframe sitting against burlap material

Step 1: Line burlap with egg-shaped metal wreath

First I took this burlap found at Hobby Lobby (used to be a table runner) and I got this on sale for $6.99 in their party section when I got this months before making the wreath. I thought I could just hot glue the metal wreath to this burlap and I was very very wrong. But first I decided to add a bunny shape in the middle to give this wreath something to frame.

photo of a pink rabbit with a cotton for a tail sitting on top of an egg-shaped burlap cutout surrounded by wifreframe

Step 2: Center felt bunny for tracing

I used a felt bunny from Dollar Tree’s felt bunny garland (that can be found in stores starting late winter) and used a chalk pen to trace an outline of this bunny silhouette onto the burlap leaving the following shape.

photo of an egg-shaped burlap cutout with white tracing of a bunny rabbit

Step 3: create white tracing

Once you have the bunny outlined, I used white Waverly chalk paint to fill in the outline. I have this laid out on top of my silicone crafting mat to make sure no paint leaks through to my table.

photo of megan filling in the outline of the rabbit tracing using white paint chalk

step 4: fill in

Paint the entire bunny outline and then go back over it a couple more times and you can easily plug up all the tiny holes of the burlap by just using more paint in layers. Not as much paint came through the burlap surprisingly!

photo of megan wrapping the egg-shaped wireframe wreath in black gingham-print fabric

step 5: wrap with fabric

Once you have your burlap painted, wrap ribbon around the wreath’s frame until the ribbon is covering the egg wire frame completely. Then this is what you will use to attach your painted bunny burlap to the back of the wreath. Hot glue the burlap to the ribbon.

photo of a sign that reads "happy easter"

This is the end result! For the full tutorial, check out the video on my YouTube channel, The Crafty Quinn, or watch it below.