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Giant diy witch hat halloween lawn decoration

DIY Halloween Lawn Ornament

Ever have a craft idea that feels larger than life? That’s what inspired this GIANT DIY witch hat lawn decoration for Halloween! Read on to find out how I made this and learn where you can watch the full process.

This Halloween outdoor decoration is made up of gardening materials that you can find at any of Lowes hardware stores. But these materials were out of season so they were moved to the very back aisles of the outdoor gardening section of Lowes.


  • Tomato plant stand (in most gardening centers)
  • Black zip ties
  • Gardening weed barrier
  • Fabric
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Large 19inch hoop
  • Plug in lights
  • Stapler
  • Bolt cutters/wire cutters
tomato plant stand for DIY ornament

Step 1: setting up the base

First, grab a tomato plant stand from Lowes and bend the three top points to form a curved point and really bring out that witch hat shape. Secure the top three ends together with a couple of zip ties.

cutting a tomato plant stand

Step 2: Cut the bottom to plant in ground

Cut off the bottom loop which will create three legs and help pin the hat to the ground.

string lights around tomato stand

Step 3: String lights through the frame

Next, layer your favorite outdoor lights inside of the wire frame, with the end of the light string that doesn’t get plugged in hanging from the top of the tomato tower.

cutting black cloth for hat

Step 4: Cut black cloth to cover

Cover up the lights and tomato tower by wrapping the whole thing in gardening fabric. Cut at the point where it covers the hat completely and continue to snip off excess fabric starting at the skinny top where the curved point is.

glue fabric for hat

Step 5: Glue fabric together and staple

Meanwhile, I took a hot glue gun and started gluing fabric together starting from top to bottom to make sure to cover the tomato tower and lights. I used a regular stapler to staple the very top of the fabric to the end point of the hat at the top to hold the fabric in place while I continued to cut off excess.

cutting a circle using a hoop

Step 5: cut bottom rim

For the bottom rim of the witch’s hat, I used a 19 inch hoop and cut a larger piece of fabric around it. This bottom piece of fabric sits directly underneath the hat and you’re done! Stick those bottom three legs of the tower directly through this bottom piece of fabric when sticking the hat into the ground.

GIant black witch hat that's lit up next to pumpkins on a lawn

For a slowed down process, watch this craft unfold in a video tutorial on my YouTube channel, The Crafty Quinn, at the link below.