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DIY Christmas sleigh

finished white sleigh in neutral colors

As soon as I saw these bathtub-shaped signs from Dollar Tree, I wanted to challenge myself to turn these signs into a Christmas sleigh. They had a decent sleigh shape to start, but could it be possible? Read on to learn how to make one of these for your home!

By the time you’re done, the “sleigh” will be able to hold items and can be styled in many different ways!

Dollar tree bathtub signs

Step 1: Find a sleigh -shaped piece

I used these signs in particular that I found from Dollar Tree in their decor shelves that have signs for your laundry room, bathroom, and other areas of the house. The other option would be to Google a sleigh shape to build this base from scratch and use the outline on cardboard. I’m not one for power tools, so one other option would be to place your Googled outline of a sleigh on top of pieces of scrap wood and then use a a Jig saw, a band saw, a scroll saw, or a coping saw to carefully cut the shape. (We don’t have a garage or much of a backyard in our condo so these options weren’t doable.)

pulling twine off the signs

Step 2: remove twine and barcode

If you do find these signs, you’ll want to pull the twine off. Feel free to use a staple remover to pull out the staples as well. I was able to pull the twine off by hand.

Covering the bathtub sign with brown paper

Step 3: cover sign with paper

After realizing the paper design of these bathtub signs was not going to scrape off, I decided to cover them. I recommend using craft brown paper from Dollar Tree. I placed the sign on top of the craft paper, traced the outline, and then cut out the shape of the sleigh to cover this. In the photo above, I’m using regular hot glue as a fast way to secure the craft paper to the sign. I tried using just a glue stick and it would not stay so I recommend using a combination of a glue stick AND the hot glue around the edges.

painting signs white

Step 4: Apply paint

On the other side of the bathtub signs, feel free to paint this the color of your choice. Sticking to the neutral theme, I used Waverly by Plaid’s “plaster” color chalk paint. I did a couple of coats to completely cover the signs.

Cutting out the sleigh skis from cardboard

Step 5: cut sleigh legs

Next, I grabbed a piece of cardboard and starting cutting out what I thought would look like the legs of the sleigh. I wasn’t using any specific outline to do this, so I recommend Googling pictures of sleighs (ex. Santa’s sleigh) that can help give you an idea of what shape to cut these. Cut two legs from the cardboard.

painting legs of the sleigh with black acrylic

Step 6: paint legs

After you have the legs in your desired style, you can paint them the color of your choice. I used a black acrylic paint from Waverly by Plaid.

I then started laying down a small wood crate from Dollar Tree that will go in the middle of the sleigh and hold the two signs together. This wood crate will hold whatever decor you’d like to fill the sleigh with. Make sure to use a strong glue, such as Gorilla Glue, to make sure this will stay.

painting the crate white

Step 7: paint the crate

I wanted everything to match so before securing the wood crate, I painted it with the same color as the sleigh, the “plaster” color from Waverly by Plaid.

Gluing the crate to the side of the sign and holding it for 30 seconds

Step 8: glue and hold

I did a light coat of paint on the wood crate. Then once it was dry, I used a strong Gorilla Glue hot glue stick in my hot glue gun to secure the wood crate in place. Hold for at least 30 seconds while the hot glue cools.

place hot glue on other side of the crate and hold up the sign while it dries

Step 9: glue other side

To make sure the other bathtub sign will align perfectly with the other side, place the hot glue on the side of the wood crate that still needs it and then stand up the sign. It’s much easier to tell if things will align if you have the sleigh standing upright while you glue the second sign to the wood crate. Hold this side upright for at least 30 seconds while the hot glue cools.

Glue legs on to the sides

Step 10: glue legs on

Glue the dry legs of the sleigh to both sides with hot glue. It also helps if you stand up the sleigh while you secure the legs to the bottom. You don’t want the cardboard legs to hold this sleigh up due to the weight of the bathtub signs.

Brushing over the sleigh legs with chalk paint to give a snow effect

Step 11: brush legs

I used Waverly by Plaid’s white chalk paint and a small chippy brush to lightly brush over the legs of the sleigh to look like snow. Distress to your liking!

stain wooden snowflakes with antique wax and glue onto sleigh

Step 12: Stain wooden snowflakes

Using these wood cut out snowflakes from Dollar Tree, I decided to stain them with Waverly’s antique wax. To evenly spread the wax, I used a makeup wipe, dipped it in the wax and spread it across the snowflake. This is my favorite technique for applying stain as it is very quick and easy. Once they have dried, you can add them to your sleigh with hot glue. I recommend wearing gloves when applying any kind of stain to wood. (I always forget!)

Using bag ornaments from Dollar Tree

Step 13: fill the sleigh

One way I decided to style this sleigh is with these small bag ornaments from Dollar Tree that look like they came from Santa’s sleigh. They fit so easily in the wood crate inside this sleigh!

finished white sleigh in neutral colors

Here’s how it looks when all the steps are complete! This was such a fun project to make. Check out the step by step video tutorial on my YouTube channel, The Crafty Quinn.