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DIY Pumpkin Wire Frame Wreath

diy pumpkin wire frame wreath on door

I had been wondering what to make with Dollar Tree’s infamous pumpkin wire frame and there are so many amazing ideas that have been done by other crafters so far. It was certainly a challenge to make something new!


  • 19 inch hoop (found in most craft stores)
  • Pumpkin wire frame (found in craft stores)
  • Hot glue
  • Thick and thin jute string
  • Plaid ribbon
  • Burlap color ribbon
  • Faux leather words
  • Decorative faux pumpkins
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
gluing jute string to a wire frame

Step 1: Find a 19" hoop and glue string

I was determined to try to make this wreath from mostly Dollar Tree materials but life had other plans when I could no longer find hula hoops at Dollar Tree – they must have just took them away for being out of season. Instead, I had to find a large hoop and managed to locate a 19 inch silver ring at Michael’s craft store. 

I wrapped a thick jute string from Dollar Tree around the hoop completely to cover it by hot gluing every strand after wrapping it around the hoop to hold it in place. This would also help keep the pumpkin wire frame secure.

I used smaller jute twine to tie the wire frame to the large jute covered 19 inch hoop. That wasn’t enough though because the wire frame would swing back and forth so I did have to use some hot glue to glue the wire frame to the thick jute on the hoop as well.

gluing ribbons and pumpkins to the frame

Step 2: Glue down ribbon and pumpkins

Before the wire frame was tied down, I hot glue ribbon to the wire frame to act as a cradle for the green and ivory pumpkins I added to the wreath later. The plastic pumpkins I used for this craft were from Five Below and were $2.50 per plastic bag of 5 different shaped pumpkins.

I hot glued the pumpkins to the ribbon in the front and created a layered ribbon backing for the back of the wreath. That helped the pumpkins stay in place nicely. And then of course I hot glued each pumpkin next to each other.

diy pumpkin wire frame wreath

And here is the finished product! I also added a faux leather tag that is pumpkin shaped and says “Harvest” from Dollar Tree to the bow. To watch the entire process, watch the video tutorial at the link below that can be found on my YouTube channel, The Crafty Quinn.