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Easy DIY Gingerbread Cookie Sheet Craft

cookie sheet decoration with gingerbread men

If you’re looking for more gingerbread cookie crafts, try this super easy gingerbread cookie sheet craft using Dollar Tree materials and items in your home! In this article, I’ll provide you with the full list of materials as you read along.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of this craft that I first created on my YouTube channel, The Crafty Quinn.

painting gingerbread men a hazelnut color

Step 1: paint gingerbread

First, I found these blank wood cutouts of gingerbread people at Dollar Tree. A bunch of these little guys come in a pack for $1.25! They were perfect to create “gingerbread cookies” with. I start by painting them with the color “hazelnut” that I found from Waverly by Plaid in Walmart’s painting/crafts section. It’s a chalk paint that dries pretty quickly.

applying white paint to the gingerbread men

Step 2: Apply "Icing"

(Excuse the red paint on my crafting mat – that was from the gingerbread ladder project!) Next, once the paint had dried on the four cookies, I took white puffy paint from Michael’s craft stores and drew on faces and little designs.

Adding green to the gingerbread men

Step 3: Add some color

You can mix things up by using other festive Christmas or holiday colors. In this photo, I’m using green puffy paint also found at Michael’s.

gluing the cookies to the tray

Step 4: Glue cookies to tray

Your gingerbread cookies are ready to be baked! Added to the cookie sheet I mean! I found this small metal tray at Dollar Tree in their Crafter’s Square section. Another idea would be to use a small cookie sheet from Dollar Tree’s kitchen section for this craft. I didn’t have one at the time and made do with this tray. You can use a hot glue gun to adhere the cookies to the tray.

drawing a spatula on cardboard and cutting it out

Step 5: cut out a spatula

For this next step, I quickly drew an outline on a piece of cardboard using pen in the shape of a spatula. I didn’t follow any template, I just drew this from looking at a full sized spatula in our kitchen. Then I cut it out and made the handle of the spatula smaller with my scissors so that this could fit in the tray.

Cutting holes into the spatula

Step 6: Cut holes

The spatula comes out to around 2 inches tall so it’s a little hard to show in pictures as I’m doing this but I then used an X-ACTO knife to carefully cut holes in the cardboard spatula to make it look even more realistic.

wrapping the spatula in aluminum

Step 7: wrap spatula

Next, I thought it would be fun to make this look like a metal spatula. I grabbed some aluminum foil and wrapped the top part of this cardboard spatula in it. To secure the aluminum to the cardboard top, I used a very small amount of hot glue.

Cutting the holes into the aluminum foil spatula

Step 8: re-make holes

Once you have the aluminum foil topper added, you can use the X-ACTO knife to cut slits in this to match the cardboard cutout. Check out the first and last photo in this article to see a close up of the spatula. Then, I decided to paint the handle of the spatula with the color “mineral” chalk paint from Waverly by Plaid found at Walmart.

painting a small wooden mitten red

Step 9: paint a mitten

For another finishing touch to this tray, I painted this wooden cutout of a mitt that I found at Dollar Tree. This was from one of their Christmas wood cutout sticker packs. I’ve seen this same pack of sticker wood cutouts for the past couple of years so they should have this out now at your local Dollar Tree. I’m painting this using the color “lacquer” from Waverly found at Walmart and it is an acrylic paint so it takes just a little longer to dry. Once you’ve added enough coats to get the color to your liking, this is ready to be added to your cookie sheet too.

hot glue oven mitt and spatula onto tray

Step 10: Hotglue final pieces

Final step is to hot glue down your oven mitt and spatula!

looking at the whole tray with gingerbread men, spatula, and oven mitt

Step 11: fit final pieces

Everything should fit ever so nicely in your tray. Scroll down for the final look!

cookie sheet decoration with gingerbread men

Adorable! These were so easy to make and you could apply them to so many other holiday decor ideas.


Watch the full tutorial from my YouTube channel, The Crafty Quinn!