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Easy Gingerbread Dollar Tree Ladder DIY Decor

Red ladder with greenery and 2 gingerbread men attached

Gingerbread crafts and decor were one of the hottest trends of the season last year and it seems like the popularity is still there! If you’re looking for a unique gingerbread craft, look no further.

Learn how to make this super easy gingerbread ladder craft by following the instructions below or you can watch a video tutorial on my YouTube channel, The Crafty Quinn.

A small ladder from Dollar Tree

Step 1: Select ladder

For this craft, I am using this decorative ladder decor piece from Dollar Tree. It comes in a few different colors and I found a natural wood looking piece. Using this piece as a starting point did make the process go faster so if you aren’t able to find this piece in Dollar Tree’s decor aisle, you could use skinny blank wood pieces, wooden dowels, or popsicle sticks to recreate this.

Painting the ladder red

Step 2: Paint ladder red

Next, I started to paint the ladder with Waverly by Plaid’s bright red acrylic color, “lacquer.” It took at least 2 coats to ensure the ladder was properly coated. And this acrylic color does take a little longer to dry, even after using a heat gun/hair dryer.

Use stencil brush to coat ladder in snow

Step 3: apply "snow"

Once the ladder is fully coated with the paint, it should look like this (depending on what color you chose). Next, I take a stencil brush – I believe this one came from either Dollar Tree or Target – to start making this ladder look lightly coated in snow. I dip the brush in my paint, dab off the excess paint on the paper towel in the photo above and lightly swipe it over the rungs of the ladder. I use the paper towel first to make sure I have as little paint on my brush as possible. We are doing a very light coating of the white paint. For this, I’m using a white chalk paint from Waverly by Plaid.

Gluing the gingerbread cookies to the ladder

Step 4: glue on gingerbread

Once the white paint has dried, we are ready to secure our gingerbread cookies! I got these gingerbread in a pack from Michael’s craft store when they had their Christmas decor out last year. I’m applying hot glue first to where I would like the gingerbread to go on the last and the second to last rung of the ladder and then I will adjust the placement once it is on the hot glue. By gluing in two places, I feel the gingerbread has less chance of coming off the ladder.

Adding greenery to the ladder

Step 5: Find greenery

When you have both of your gingerbread hot glued to the ladder, next it’s time to add some holiday themed greenery. I got this floral pick from Dollar Tree when they put out all of their winter themed floral pieces. It’s sparkly/glittery so please keep that in mind as it may get glitter all over your workspace but for the most part, the glitter did stay intact surprisingly well.

tying the greenery on to the ladder with twine

Step 6: tie greenery on

The floral pieces I’m using did not look quite as polished when I first held them up against the ladder so I realized that wrapping some twine around the bottom of the floral pick bunches made it look more farmhouse and neat. It also helped them adhere better to the ladder.

Using white paint to decorate gingerbread men

Step 7: ice the gingerbread

The twine on the floral pick is completely optional but above is what it looks like if you do wrap the floral picks in it. As one of the last steps, I noticed these gingerbread had lost some of their icing! I used white puffy paint from Michael’s to make them look more vibrant and fix the icing on their face and legs.

Adding a small tan bow on top of the ladder

Step 8: add a bow

As the final step, I decided to top off the ladder with a small lace bow in the top right of the ladder. I placed 4 small ribbons in an “X” shaped and cinched the middle of them with jute twine. I secured the bow to the ladder using hot glue.

Red ladder with greenery and 2 gingerbread men attached

That’s all it takes to make one of these adorable ladders for yourself! Will you be trying this craft this holiday season?