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Easy Thanksgiving Treat Centerpiece Idea

photo of a Thanksgiving centerpiece holder

If you’re very much on a budget this holiday season like me, you’re probably looking at stores like Dollar Tree to give your home an affordable Thanksgiving flair. I came up with a simple treat/florals holder that could be great for a smaller table setting.


Step 1: Gather supplies

First you’re going to want to grab some wood stain or my personal favorite, Antique wax by Waverly. This is normally sold at most Walmart stores and is a product made by the larger Plaid brand. You’ll also need a small wood crate. I got mine from Dollar Tree for this project but you might be able to find a similar one at Michael’s craft stores.

rubbing wax on wood

Step 2: rub wax into wood

Next, grab some makeup remover wipes (that you’re not super attached to) and dab a wipe in some of the antique wax to help easily spread the wax. I normally use a pack of makeup wipes from Dollar Tree for this.

hot gluing wood

Step 3: apply hot glue to sides

Place the side of the box with the glue on the backside of this camper sign that has no writing. We want the blank sides on the inside of this treat holder. I made sure to place the box as close to where the wheels start on the inside as I could. I wanted to make sure the wooden box was mostly hidden from the outside.


Step 4: Place camper cutouts

Then, follow the same concept for the other truck and other side of this wooden box. Camper and writing on the outside and the blank side on the inside. Liberally use hot glue for this side of the truck as well.


Step 5: Add candy or other decorations

Once you’ve got both sides glued, sit the camper up and this should all hold together nicely. Take some leftover Halloween candy and use it in your table centerpiece! 

If you’d like to see a video of this craft and other Thanksgiving DIYs and Hacks that are budget-friendly, watch the video below on my YouTube channel, The Crafty Quinn. Enjoy!