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Hobby Lobby Felt Present Dupe

photo of a faux felt Christmas present that's silver and gold

I love seeing new decor at stores like Hobby Lobby, but I often wonder if I’d be able to make most of the decor I see. Naturally, as crafters, we love the challenge! Read on to learn how to make a smaller version of this felt present from Hobby Lobby.

Image of cardboard being cut to pieces

Step 1: Find and cut cardboard

It was extremely difficult to find a larger square gift box that would work but was also affordable. I instead went the upcycled way. I cut four strips of cardboard from an Amazon package box and built my own.

photo of Megan folding cardboard

Step 2: Fold cardboard

These strips already had creases so I would just fold them to the shape I wanted and used hot glue to hold it.

Photo of Megan gluing cardboard together

Step 3: Add sides

I kept adding the walls little by little by sticking the other cardboard sides through the whole in middle until every side had a wall.

Photo of Megan adding the fourth side to the box

Step 4: add lid

And the fourth cardboard strip for the fourth wall of the box becomes the lid to the box.

cardboard box on felt scarf

Step 5: glue box to cloth

Next, lay your box on your felt or fur of choice! I decided to hot glue the scarf to every side of the box

trimming excess cloth

Step 6: trim box

Once it was completely glued to the box, all the way around, I cut off the excess.

shaping the box to look like a present

Step 7: shape box

Here’s what it should look like after you cut off most of the extra pieces. I kept cutting all the way around until the felt didn’t have any extra pieces. Then I started wrapping this faux gift like a present!

Cut ribbons from burlap cloth

Step 8: Buy or cut burlap ribbons

After the present was wrapped, I started cutting out 4 burlap ribbons that would fit the present from top to bottom.

hot-gluing ribbon onto felt present

Step 9: Hotglue ribbons on

Here’s how I glued down the burlap ribbon from Dollar Tree. And I actually used a finger protector for once! Hot glue down each strip and start from the top first.

Hotgluing red and white strings

Step 10: Hotglue strings on

Once all the burlap was glued down on four sides, I tried gluing red and white string to the present to match the original. Hobby Lobby used white and burlap color shoestrings!

hot-gluing pinecones onto present

Step 11: Hotglue pinecones on

Then on top of the twine, I hot glued down some pine cones right on top. And then used Dollar Tree flocked snow branches to go in between the pine combs and also added two small jingle bells.

using white paint to draw snow on top of pine cones

Step 12: paint snow on pinecones

Once everything was added to this faux present, I realized it would look weird to have only a tiny bit of snow appearing on the pine cones so then I fully committed and painted them all.

photo of a faux felt present decorated with holiday ornaments

Here’s how it turned out! I hope you enjoyed this article and if so, please consider commenting, liking or watching my video tutorial below for this craft and other dupes.


Watch the full tutorial from my YouTube channel, The Crafty Quinn!