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dollar tree noel sign diy

photo of a round sign with red and white stripes that says 'noel'

If you follow my channel The Crafty Quinn on youtube, you may have caught my livestream where I put together this round sign using the back of an old fall Dollar Tree sign. Good news! The sign is now reversible icon

photo of Megan holding a white sign covered in chalk

step 1: coat with white waverly chalk

As a first step, I started by painting the sign with two coats of white Waverly chalk paint and used my hair dryer to speed up the process.

This is what the sign looked like after one coat – it still looked a bit streaky and transparent so this is why I recommend two coats.

photo of megan holding a white sign with a streak of black paint

step 2: divide sides using tape

Next you’re going to want to use painter’s tape or masking tape to section off the top and bottom halves of the sign. I eyeballed it since I was doing this live on YouTube, but recommend using a ruler for the straightest line. The top half of this sign is going to be all black so I am using Waverly’s Ink color chalk paint.

photo of megan holding a round blank sign that's half black half white

Step 3: place more tape to create stripes

After you have painted the top half of the sign black, you’re going to want to tape off sections of the lower half of the sign, 1 inch apart. I was able to do three rows of tape. By doing this, you are choosing what parts of the sign stay white.

photo of megan holding a round sign that's black on top with red stripes on the bottom

step 4: use acryllic paint to create red stripes

Next, take your lacquer color (red) of the Waverly acrylic paint and paint right over the tape and white lines. Make sure to peel up the tape as soon as you’re done and DO NOT let the paint dry first, otherwise the tape will take the paint with it.

photo of megan holding a round sign with black paint on top and red and white stripes on the bottom

step 5: remove tape

Peel back the tape to reveal your beautiful straight lines! It’s already starting to look like a candy cane. The red actually came out looking a little thin so I went back and painted over it and made the lines a darker red. I also cleaned up any paint that bled through with a tiny paintbrush.

photo of Megan holding the round sign with black paint on top, red and white stripes on the bottom, with a pine cone and faux winter berries attached to the top

step 6: add embelishments

Next, add your embellishments to the top half of your sign and put the string back to get this sign ready to be hung. I used hot glue to secure the greenery, frosted berries and a silver jingle bell. I asked my audience what word I print out with my Cricut Joy for this sign and someone suggested “Noel” and I thought it was perfect so check out the last photo to see the end result!

Ta-da! We are all done. I printed out the word “Noel” using comic sans font on white permanent glossy vinyl.

Check out the full video below! Make sure to check out The Crafty Quinn on YouTube for more DIYs and affordable decor ideas.